September 29, 2020

Baby Links!

Here are some links to my very favorite things I use DAILY with my baby. If you scroll down, you'll see my complete list of necessities for a new mama, including hospital and postpartum must-haves.


I am by no means a professional but I am sharing these things because for me they either were or still are CRUCIAL parts of my daily routine as a new Mom. A few weeks ago I had to stop breastfeeding due to many, many issues (that you're welcome to ask me about if you're curious) and so some of these things I no longer use- but when I did they were very helpful.

First thing's first. GAS DROPS. My baby struggles with gas pains, especially at the beginning. These gas drops have helped so much!

Secondly, I have noticed SUCH a difference since starting to give him these probiotic drops. Our pediatrician introduced this to us and I am so so grateful:

Nursing/Maternity Bra:

Nipple Cream:


Women’s padded undies/diapers for after delivery:

Maxi-Pads for after delivery:

(Ask the hospital for some of these things if they don't provide them in your room after delivery. Also ask for witch hazel aloe pads...)

Peri Spray Bottle for cleaning down below (LIFE SAVER):

Comfy hospital loungewear like these that button down:

Nursing Pads:

Sound Machine: (great for those naps and night time sleep, I swear this works magic!)

Hatch Sound Machine-

Good for car seat, stroller, on the go, etc.-

Favorite burp cloths:

Travel Bassinet: (cheap but works)

Gerber/other brand white onesies in short sleeve and long sleeve:

Baby shampoo/body wash:

Baby washcloths: (you can never have too many of these, especially for diaper changes for BOYS it’s just good to have close by if needed!)

Portable baby changing pad: (this just hangs out in our living room/diaper bag so we don't always have to go upstairs!)

My Brest Friend nursing pillow: (use a blanket over top so you don’t have to wash the pillow all the time) When I was nursing this was really helpful!

Favorite bouncer: